Revised Math Running Records

Here are the newly revised math running records with some tweeks.  Be sure to see the videos with explanations!

Add RR codes (4)

Sub RR Codes (3)

Mult RR Codes (5)

Div RR Codes (3)

Happy Mathing,

Dr. Nicki


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Hello. My name is Dr. Nicki. I am a math educator and curriculum consultant. I have had the pleasure of spending the last 20 years with the Bubble Gum Bunch! I am very interested in the possibilities of guided math as an effective intervention in today's elementary classrooms. So, I decided to write this blog to further explore the topic, and share ideas and resources.

2 thoughts on “Revised Math Running Records”

  1. Hi, Dr. Nicki, I’m excited to see the revised Running Record Recording Sheets. I noticed the problems in part one are in a different order than the Student Page I have. Where can I find updated Student Pages to match?
    Thanks for all your work with math fact fluency,
    Kasia Kidd


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