Welcome to Math Running Records

This is a blog devoted to Math Fluency.  We will talk, explore, discuss, wonder, share, chat and develop ideas to get better at how we teach math fluency!  We will look at articles, videos, ideas, games and  many other things that help us to understand and teach fluency!

The Book Math Running Records provides a framework for Basic Math Fact Fluency Assessment!  We will spend some time unpacking this book and looking at videos!  So welcome! Spread the word!


Happy Mathing,

Dr. Nicki


Math Running Record Online Course

In this Math Running Records Mini-Course, Dr. Nicki Newton will help you learn everything you need to know about effectively implementing Math Running Records. Through demonstration and hands-on practice, this workshop explains what running records are, how to administer and analyze them, and how to use them for ongoing classroom assessment to focus your teaching of small groups and individual students. Come learn how to personalize math instruction! Sign up today! https://drnickinewton.thinkific.com/courses/math-running-records-in-action