Kindergarten Running Record

At the end Kindergarten, you can start giving running records just to see if students have fluency within 5.  Here is a running record with my cousin, a few days after he finished kindergarten.  He did really well. I stopped it at 10 but he could even figure that out.  I stopped it because that is the next instructional level – facts within 10.  When you give a running record, you are just looking for the instructional level… and then you stop.  You do not have to give the whole test.

Happy Mathing,

Dr. Nicki



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Hello. My name is Dr. Nicki. I am a math educator and curriculum consultant. I have had the pleasure of spending the last 20 years with the Bubble Gum Bunch! I am very interested in the possibilities of guided math as an effective intervention in today's elementary classrooms. So, I decided to write this blog to further explore the topic, and share ideas and resources.

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