Getting to know our students!

Math Running Records will help us get to know our students as learners. They will help us to help them make progress. They will support us in our quest to promote and accelerate growth and help to ensure mastery. Most importantly, they will celebrate the process of thought, deemphasize speed, and value strategic reasoning. Math Running Records are the missing piece to the puzzle, the answer to our prayers, and the secret weapon that will finally help us to master math fact fluency with our students in a way that will support their confidence, accelerate their progress, and build their momentum in mathematics. I have no doubt that they will transform classrooms and schools from coast to coast and result in a new generation of students who realize that math is about sense making, connections, and thinking, not just getting answers. I can’t wait to spread the word. When you know better you do better. Let’s throw out the timers, take down the charts, and start the Math Running Records revolution!

Alison Mello K–8 Math Director and Math Consultant


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Hello. My name is Dr. Nicki. I am a math educator and curriculum consultant. I have had the pleasure of spending the last 20 years with the Bubble Gum Bunch! I am very interested in the possibilities of guided math as an effective intervention in today's elementary classrooms. So, I decided to write this blog to further explore the topic, and share ideas and resources.

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